3 Tips That Will Really Trim Down Your Wedding Budget

You shouldn’t feel compelled to go deep into debt just to walk down the aisle. You can have a beautiful day without going broke. To get you started on your budget-friendly wedding, here are three ways that you’re guaranteed to cut costs.

Get Rings from a Custom Jeweller

What is a wedding without the rings? A good money-saving strategy that every couple should follow is to go to a professional jeweller to look for wedding bands.

A jeweller will be able to craft gorgeous custom pieces that work with your budget — this is especially true when you compare the price to the rings from major chain stores. Chains have higher prices because they need to accommodate their steep overhead costs. Smaller, specialized jewellers don’t. You’re only paying for the materials and the service.

When you’re planning the look of your custom ring, you should focus on impact over embellishment. Additional gems and details cost more. Keep it simple and remember that you can always add glam with anniversary rings in the future to add to your stack. Take a look at the beautiful options at Alexis Gallery so that you can get inspired about your own custom wedding ring designs.

Choose Buffets

Food and drinks will take up the majority of your budget. To cut down on costs, choose a caterer that offers buffet-style options over plated services for appetizers, dinner and dessert.

Buffet-style lets you embrace DIY, too. Consider your dessert table. If you have talented home bakers in your social circle, see if they can contribute treats for your dessert table as a wedding present. You can also make your own wedding cake instead of spending a fortune on a massive multi-tiered cake from a professional baker. You’ll have a table full of tempting treats for your guests without putting a dent in your bank account.

Shrink the Guest List

One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is making your guest list and wondering if you can afford to invite all your friends and loved ones. By the time you’ve written down all of the names, you’re going to have a massive crowd.

To save money, you should trim down that list as much as you can. The smaller the guest list, the smaller your final bill will be. Or, you can always elope. More couples are eloping nowadays and skipping the stress of planning large-scale events. Choosing a private ceremony will immediately whittle down your budget, leaving you lots of savings for other priorities — like a honeymoon.


It’s always good to save as much as you can. You never know whether a surprise expense is going to crop up. Follow these simple changes to boost your savings and guarantee that your wedding budget can handle any small hurdles and hiccups. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

You shouldn’t break the bank to have an amazing day. When you follow these tips, you can guarantee that your wedding will be wonderful, affordable and worry-free.

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