Connecting to a professional cryptocurrency exchange for the best results!

14th July, 2018: It is the online exchange platform where we can exchange one cryptocurrency with another cryptocurrency. Also, we can describe it as online platform which acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers of cryptocurrency.
uExchange is the worldwide accepted cryptocurrency exchange that is fully automated and API ready. This platform fulfills the needs and requirements of the beginners as well as of the experienced customers. If we talk about the security, its blockchain property provides best security feature. The site is hosted on the multiple dedicated server and it is fully secured.

Special Features provided by us:

• Quick and easy Google login without going to a long process of creating an account. • Automated trading engine (with pusher service) • Remote servers • Only trading fee 0.15 % • Secret codes for coin developers. • Pairs available: BTC and LTC

It’s up to you, what type of style you want to get for the cryptocurrency exchange for you. But there are certain things that you must take care about exchanges. Before choosing the cryptocurrency exchange you must take care of these things:

• Are the website and the server of the exchange safe and secure? • What is the liquidity? Higher volume should be preferred. • We should take attention on the exchange fee. Lower exchange fee will be preferred. • Is the customer care support good? • How many types of payment options available on the platform? • Is the exchange friendly for the beginners? • What trading pairs are available on the platform?

“More and more coins will be added with the passage of time. The results of this are totally transparent to the buyers and sellers. No chance of cheating. You can come to us without any fear. We assure you the best rates with best customer care service.”

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