New Puppy Checklist- An Ultimate Guideline

Bringing a new puppy in your home is quite thrilling and exciting for everyone of your family loved and feels the same like welcoming a new child. While everyone waits for the great moment to come, it should be your priority to prepare a new puppy checklist to provide the necessary comfort and ensure the wellbeing of your loving pet. In this article, let’s have a basic outline concerning what you need to include in the checklist.

The Basic Checklist

Depending on the breed type, you need to research the basic foods that you should provide for its necessary nourishment. Also, consider buying plates and bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic that comes affordable.

Get a washable bed and beddings for the dog for having comfortable sleep.

Purchase toys to boost the puppy’s mood and make them lively and energetic.

A well-secured crate is a must-have for the new puppy that facilitates them to stay peaceful or feel secured when you’re away.

Security Supplies Checklist

Collar or harness is a special kind of item which is generally worn around the neck of the pet. Similarly, leash is typically a chain which can be fastened with the collar to control the movement of the pet especially when you walk with the puppy in the public place.

Also, the dog’s tag is a vital identification card that should include the pet’s name, mobile number of the owner that helps finding the puppy in case it’s lost.

Care and Hygiene – New Puppy Checklist

Having a dog brush is important that helps minimize to shed and tangle of their far.

Consider also, having a non-toxic puppy shampoo and use while giving a bath to your puppy that helps get rid of dust and dirt leaving the puppy a great smell.

Typically similar to humans, you need to clean your dog’s teeth with a toothbrush and paste daily for health and hygiene.

Medications – New Puppy Checklist

Having certain medications to control common infections and health issues in your puppy is important.

This includes medications for

Flea & Tick control, which may affect you too;

Heartworm medications caused by mosquito bites and may attack the lungs and heart;

And others as suggested by your vet specialist;

Vaccine Checklist

Similar to a child, a new puppy are also prone to some health problems out of which some may be deadly. Typically, your veterinary practitioner provides the necessary vaccines which includes


Canine distemper

Canine parainfluenza and more

Being a new puppy owner, you simply cannot ignore work with a reputable veterinarian for necessary healthcare, routine vaccinations, and advice. Make sure in case of emergencies too you can visit the practitioner with your puppy without any hassle. Under certain circumstances, the veterinarian can refer your loving pet to healthcare facilities.

Apart from the above, you will require a

An experienced dog trainer

A pet sitter and

A dog groomer

Last but, of course, not the least is to do the necessary research and having pet insurance which is the most vital and mostly ignored aspect of pet owners. Mind well, it’s as significant as you consider in regard to your own health insurance. Considering the huge rises of medical expenses you must buy health insurance for your new puppy to avail the necessary treatment, surgeries, and rehab in case of injuries from facilities affordably. Considering the importance, it should get a priority in your new puppy checklist.

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